How To Buy Quality Mobile Car Detailing Equipment

car wash equipment

The mobile car detailing business is getting more attention than ever; in fact, it is transforming itself into a fast growing industry. As the business you own gets more and more clients, you will have to proceed cautiously, making sure that you are using the best types of equipment but not spend too much of…

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How To Tell When Tires Need Balancing

car wash tires

Vehicles at one time were deemed a luxury, but in 2016 they are a necessity. People need to travel to and from work, a grocery store, school, family gathering, pharmacy etc. Let us not forget that people live away from towns and shopping centers too. Businesses are few and far between unless you live in a…

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How To Buff A Car – Remove Thin Paint layer

car wash detailing

If you are buffing your car, you are removing a thin layer of the paint from the finish of your vehicle. This will uncover a new layer of the paint. Not only does this restore the car’s appearance but it can also help protect the vehicle. If some of the scratches go without being treated,…

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How to maintain your car and keep it clean

mobile car detailing toronto

Here are few Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Car Feeling Like New: Summer dust and sand, winter mud and salt, fall leaves and spring dust and pollen… It seems like your car will never catch a break from all the things that make your car dirty and you angrier and angrier. If you’ve ever…

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The Benefits Mobile Steam Wash & Auto Detailing

Due to the relatively new technology that is steam cleaning, not much is known about this alternative to the classic water and spray based car wash. Steam cleaning is based on the usage of a high pressure machine that will blast steam at the surfaces of your car which are in need of cleaning. This…

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