How To Know If A Car Needs New Tires

A good set of tires is essential for car safety. The condition of the tires on a car will determine how well they can perform. Tire performance details:

• Producing a smooth shake free ride
• Stopping the car
• Gripping the road during hazardous road conditions
• Keep the vehicle level

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Tire perform other functions and the better the tires conditions, the better they will perform. Worn tires present a danger to drivers themselves and other drivers on the road. To keep yourself and other drivers safe knowing when it is time to change tires is important. For that particular reason here are five signs that you need new tires.

• Tire trends that are visibly worn down are a sure sign that tires need to change over. However waiting until tires are worn to the point of being “badbald” is dangerous. Tires threads should have no less than 1.6 millimeters. One way to check the depth of tire treads is to insert a Lincoln-headed copper penny between the treads head down. If the head of Lincoln on the penny is entirely visible it is time to get new tires in a hurry.
• Tread wear in newer cars can be indicated by wear indicator bars that run perpendicular with the tread on the tire, and are invisible to the naked eye when the tire is new or if there is enough tread on the tires. Once these bars become visible to the naked eye it is time to get new tires. These bars will produce markings in tire tracks during wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. Only look at the records made by the car’s tires when you exit the car after stopping.
• Crack in the sidewall of the tire are more visible and are a indicator that the condition of the tire is to the point of being a safety concern. When cleaning the car is a good time to check the state of the tire. When drying the tires look for conditions like cracks or cuts in the sidewall of the tires, or distinct grooves that are visible to the naked eye. Not only do conditions like these compromise the tires ability to hold the proper air pressure, it also could be a sign that the potential for a blowout is elevated.
• Bulges and blisters are a sign the integrity of you tire is severely compromised. Never ignore bulges or blisters on a tire get them changed immediately if bulges are blisters become visible no matter how small the maybe they are a sure sign that you are headed for a blowout that may leave you stranded or even worse lead to you being involved in a serious accident that could harm you or other drivers on the road.
• Vibrations and shake in a tire could mean that the belts in a tire are compromised. Belts in a tire help tires to hold the weight of the car and should not be taken lightly. As well ignoring shake and vibrations in a tire can cause damage to other parts on your car.

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Tires are too important to ignore on a car. Tires that are compromised create a grave danger to yourself and other drivers on the road. Poor tire conditions are a preventable traffic hazard that could be corrected by addressing your car’s tires before visible signs of wear appear. As a rule, once deteriorating tire conditions become apparent you have already placed yourself and other in danger numerous times with the condition of your tires.