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How To Tell When Tires Need Balancing

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Vehicles at one time were deemed a luxury, but in 2016 they are a necessity. People need to travel to and from work, a grocery store, school, family gathering, pharmacy etc. Let us not forget that people live away from towns and shopping centers too. Businesses are few and far between unless you live in a tiny town or a big city. But, even those people still need to get to a grocery store, and have a way to carry their groceries home or receive medical care from a physician. Therefore, taking care of a vehicle is of utter importance, or one is faced with no transportation.

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Vehicles may have bumpiness coming from under it, or it will pull to the side, or one may hear squeaky noises, not to mention among other problems. Of course only a mechanically engineered mind will know what the possible cause is of the bumpiness, pulling or noise.

However, many of us do not have the time to take our vehicles to a mechanic for every slightest issue, much less the high cost of having a mechanic look at or fix the problem. Older cars have more frequent problems compared to the newer cars. Imagine the high cost if one took their vehicle to a mechanic shop every time they heard or felt something wrong with the vehicle. But, as previously mentioned, vehicles are a necessity. Therefore, prevention of ANY problem is the key to keeping the vehicle running smoothly.

Prevention of wear & tear on a tire can alleviate the bumpiness, vibration, and pull to the side. Tires that are unbalanced or have uneven treads can cause these issues. Yes, that’s right tires may need balancing. Now comes the question, how is one to tell when tires need balancing?

As mentioned, tires that are off balance will cause an unexpected high cost and slowly cause more problems. To provide a clear understanding of the term “off balance”, one example is having 1 tire with a low amount of air and 1 tire with too much air. Driving on those tires will have an unequal effect while driving, which causes the bumps, pulls and vibrations.

Balancing tires refers to adding weight where needed in each tire itself creating an equal balance on the pair. Tires have a plane which decides the movement of a tire, whether in a vertical or dynamic position. The dynamic plane is determined by a vertical and lateral movement. If a vehicle has the dynamic plan symptoms then a mechanic will use a machine to put the tires in an equal balance.

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The tech will put each tire on a balancing machine that will spin, measuring the in-balance between the tire and the wheel. Once the machine gathers the measurement the mechanic will know how much weight to put on each tire and where to put the weight, to even it out, making it balanced.

Balancing the tires is a prevention method, because when tires are off balance, it will cause a higher cost, effecting the wheel alignment, causing the suspension to break. Therefore, balancing tires will save money and future problematic issues.